Retro Rock Concert

We were asked to oversee health and safety and sound monitoring at the retro festival series Let’s Rock.

Symphotech was asked to oversee health and safety and sound monitoring at Let’s Rock, the retro music festival which took place at eight different locations across the UK in the summer of 2017.

Bringing back legends from the 1980s and 1990s such as The Happy Mondays, Cast, Gloria Gaynor and T’Pau to the big stage, the Let’s Rock tour visited Cookham, Shrewsbury, Bristol, Leeds, Norwich, Exeter, Southampton and London.

To ensure safe events and to keep noise issues to a minimum, organisers UK Live brought us in for the second year in a row to look after health and safety and, for the first time, noise levels.

Symphotech’s role was to work alongside the UK Live team, who are qualified in event safety, to add another level of expertise when it came to quality assuring documents, making sure local authorities were kept informed at all times and working onsite with crews and suppliers.

Each site presented different challenges, for example the Bristol Let’s Rock took place in country estate Ashton Court, a haven for local wildlife. Because of a heightened terror threat level across the UK, Symphotech and UK Live worked closely to assess whether the measures already in place were appropriate.

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