Symphotech event safety at height with chameleon, Truman Brewery, London August 2019

Symphotech went from a series of green field event sites this summer to supplying event safety 49m above Brick Lane in central London. Working on behalf of Sketch the company managed the risk assessment, safety strategy and procedures for the installation of a striking 8m model chameleon onto the landmark listed Old Truman Brewery chimney on August 29th.

Company director Will Hodgson comments:

“Today we created history by supporting Sketch and nhow hotels becoming the first company to attach something to the historic chimney of the Old Truman Brewery. We were appointed as principal safety advisors by Sketch for the spectacular brand experience to mark the opening of the new London hotel.

“We brought in a structural engineer for accurate calculations around wind loading and the load-bearing strength of the chimney and to help us with a contingency plan in case of strong winds. From the outset we knew no alterations to the listed building were allowed, so we used strapping to attach the chameleon onto the chimney rather than any hard fixings. Two cranes in sync with each other (supplied by City Lifting) precisely manoeuvred the giant reptile into position onto the chimney.

“Directly underneath the chameleon was the venue’s event hall, with a 3mm thick glass skylight. We took the decision to hire this space out so we could guarantee the hall was empty during the build and de-rig. The weather was fine so from an event safety perspective our weather contingencies weren’t called in to play and the Sketch team adhered brilliantly to best practice for a safe installation, protecting the integrity of the building.

“The huge luminescent chameleon, far from shyly blending in, put on a spectacularly colour-changing show above London’s skyline thanks to internal lights, with spotlights on the ground also changing the colour of the chimney for the eye-catching stunt.

Will meantime returned to solid ground only a little shaky after his highwire act for Sketch. Nice work Will!