Recover & Reopen

Symphotech is delighted to be working alongside the AFO to present a webinar series, Recover & Reopen, which will help festival organisers to prepare and implement appropriate safety measures to mitigate the risks of Covid-19 as they move into 2021.

Will Hodgson and Eddy Grant will lead two free sessions on 12th December for greenfield events and those organised in built environments with the aim of supporting AFO members in their planning processes and getting to grips with the fast-changing regulations and the challenge in 2021 for the events sector in keeping crew, artists and audiences safe.

The follow-up session in January will aim to support those organisers who are progressing with their plans for events in 2021 and deal with questions or obstacles encountered.

These sessions are offered free to AFO members as part of the company’s Recover & Reopen project funded by the Culture Recovery Fund.