Symphotech with TEG|MJR in XOYO 2022  Asha Will Tom Ben Dion Caroline

TEG|MJR has reaffirmed its commitment to keep the public and staff safe at its venues, contracting Symphotech as its preferred Health & Safety consultant.

Symphotech engaged with TEG|MJR directors and venue managers across the UK, to create detailed risk management plans, including fire safety and crowd management procedures, to implement safe protocols for each venue. This has extended to liaising with licensing officials and Safety Advisory Groups (SAGS) to consider the challenges facing each location and create a bespoke safety management plan.

Ben Newby, COO TEG|MJR comments:

“After working with Symphotech on a project-by-project basis we have been continually impressed by their responsiveness, dedication, and execution. This was particularly evident during the staggered venue reopening’s after the pandemic and the build back into events and touring. Symphotech’s support allowed us to successfully navigate the ever-changing landscape of operations and safety during this time, not just venue specific, but also the differences between Wales and England.

“Due to this, we have happily made the decision to work with them on a retainer basis giving dedicated support across our venues and tours. This will include a monthly H&S overview with each management team at the venues to improve performance and further increase dedication to customer safety. We have complete confidence that Symphotech are the best company to make this commitment with” 

The contract with Symphotech has already traversed Digbeth Arena, The Mill, (Midlands), The Camden Assembly, XOYO (London), Tramshed (Cardiff) and The Warehouse (Leeds) and will extend into other parts of the company.

Symphotech Director Will Hodgson states:

“We’re delighted to be supporting the team at TEG|MJR with their significant focus on safety. In addition to the relatively consistent elements around a risk assessment, such as fire safety, first aid protocols, or crowd flow, we are ever-vigilant to respond to new challenges that will arise. Recently this saw us reacting quickly with each venue manager to the issue of the use of needles at events across the UK for spiking, raising awareness and introducing new procedures with security staff to counteract the threat.”

Will is liaising with the licensing authorities responsible for each of the venues, constantly reviewing and updating the strategic health & safety activity at each one, to ensure compliance with their licensing conditions.


Pictured (left to right):

Asha John (XOYO Assistant Manager), Will Hodgson (Symphotech Director), Tom Dunnigan (XOYO Junior Assistant Manager), Ben Newby (TEG|MJR Chief Operations Officer), Dion Lewis (XOYO, Medicure Medics), Caroline Archer (TEG|MJR Group Operations Manager).