Eddy Grant_Symphotech Safety. Sophia Livett_Acoustech. Simon Barrington_ Symphotech_Productionh

Symphotech has created three divisions with distinct specialist event services, expanding the team to reflect the company’s growth in these areas.

Sophia Livett has been appointed as Director of Acoustech, the event noise management division of Symphotech, also adding Dominic Walker to the team. The Event Safety division will be steered by Company Director, Eddy Grant, which has also employed new Safety Consultant Scott Leven, while Simon Barrington becomes the Director of the newly formed Symphotech Event Production division, with Dominic Walker also supporting with production management experience when required.

Acoustech has grown to become a stand-alone subsidiary company of Symphotech with Sophia taking the lead role as a Director.  Having joined the company from university, seven years ago, Sophia has been responsible for establishing Acoustech as a trusted, national event noise management service, across a wide range of venues, music, sports and cultural events.

Managing Director Will Hodgson states:

“We are delighted with this bolstering of our capability to service an expanding client portfolio through a combination of nurturing new talent and strengthening relationships with freelancers we have come to trust.

“Sophia has shown herself to be a talented, motivated event professional, with strong business acumen: we have full confidence that she will be part of the next generation of event professionals and that our event noise division, Acoustech will continue to thrive under her leadership.” 

The new look Event Production division is off to a flying start, with Simon’s extensive experience in venues, touring and events applied to some exciting new projects this summer, which will include the delivery of the two-day HallyuPopFest K-Pop festival in London.

Will concludes:

“This new structure will focus resources on delivering the highest quality to our clients, who can draw from our three services individually, or combine them. Many of the team are capable of working across different divisions, as Sophia always has. Dominic will support Simon’s vast production experience whilst also continuing to work alongside Sophia on noise monitoring projects and we are delighted to have Scott become part of the Symphotech safety team and know he will quickly win the trust and confidence of clients with his pragmatic and professional approach.”

Directors Pictured, Left to Right:

Eddy Grant-Symphotech Safety Management. Sophia Livett-Acoustech Noise Management. Simon Barrington-Symphotech Production Management.