Being a good event safety consultant takes more than training, it takes a hefty dose of experience, specialist knowledge and a deft touch in bringing teams who are focused on event deadlines in line with legislation, which at times seems an awkward fit with the task in hand.

Symphotech’s lead safety consultants have built upon differing backgrounds in the music industry, policing and fire safety and each member has extensive experience within events and industry-leading qualifications in event safety management.

This means that you, and the authorities with whom you need to work with, know that your safety representatives are recognised as amongst the best in the industry. Ensuring your event follows a truly pragmatic approach to safety helps to ensure that your audience has a good time and that they, and your crews, return home safe when the show is over.

Safety, and even safety law, properly applied, does not have to take the fun and excitement out of events. Risks need to be assessed and managed, not necessarily eliminated entirely, and when you know what you’re doing, what your duties and responsibilities are and how to protect yourself, your workers and your punters, the show’s in the bag. An effective event safety plan, properly formulated and sitting at the core of what you do from inception to de-rig is the key to a successful event.

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