Scarborough open air concert

When Scarborough Borough Council wanted to expand their series of summer concerts, they turned to Symphotech to ensure they met new licensing conditions.

Working with promoter Cuffe & Taylor, the council’s plan was to more than double the number of shows they were holding at the Open Air Theatre, an expanded venue in the heart of the town.

One of the conditions set by the licensing committee was that more noise monitoring needed to be carried out, which is where our event sound expertise came into its own.

For this contract we trialled a new system with NTi Audio UK that offered real-time noise level monitoring and allowed anyone with access to see the live information.

Equipment was set up at sensitive locations to continuously record noise levels – both from the ambient background and the concert – which was fed back to not just our team but the promoter and the council.

The new monitoring system meant there were no complaints to either the council or the venue following this summer’s concerts – a great result.

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