Eurovision set

When Liverpool was selected to host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, one of the most complex international music events, Culture Liverpool brought its’ considerable events management experience to the table, to deliver a successful event, with a global TV audience exceeding 160 million viewers.

One of the early priorities was planning considerations around event safety, so Head of Events, Susan Gibson, engaged trusted safety consultants Symphotech to undertake a table-top exercise. Symphotech Safety Division Director, Eddy Grant, tested a series of scenarios, with all of the stakeholders’ present, to identify potential weaknesses. Eddy said:

“Having worked with many of the local event professionals at major events in the city over the previous decade, we were able to help shape revisions to plans and procedures during March and April, to ensure a robust safety management plan was in place. It was a proud weekend for Liverpool, with Culture Liverpool creating a truly memorable series of events across multiple sites.”